First Steps into the Breech

Well, this is a first for me:  A blog.  How….21st centruy of me.  I still don’t think anyone really gives a damn… about what I think, but I guess this is a chance to rant and rave in the void of the internet. 

Well, My name is James, I am 30, involved with a wonderful woman named Chantale and I am in the Canadian military.  I’ve been to a few places in the world, like France, Britian, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Croatia.  United Arab Emerites and… Afghanistan.  It is definately different from any other job out there.  I mean, where else can I get 25 day of paid vacation a year, guaranteed?.    The downside is that I am pretty must stuck where ever they send me and they can make me work whenever, or wherever they want.  But, damn, do I look good in green!  yeah right…

I’ll talk more later


Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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