I’ve had my new Playstation Portable for over a week now and I must say it is a neat piece of gadgetry.  The best part was that I didn’t have to camp out, preorder or stand in a god awful lineup at 6 in the morning or something.  I guess that is the good part of being in a smaller Canadian city:  no insane rushes. 

I remember when I got my PS2 there were shortages in the bigger cities and people had preordered them up to a YEAR in advance.  I preordered my about two weeks before the launch date.  I wasn’t going to go too early for mine (I had it ordered at TRU because the local EB had all theirs preordered.  But I saw the news about the lineup for midnight sales in bigger places throughout Canda and the States (especailly the States!  Madness!) and since the TRU wasn’t open until about 0830, I left about 7.  There wasn’t much of a line, just two other guys who came in as soon as the Mall opened and the rest were outside EB, which opened at 8.  When the store did open (10 minutes early too!) there ware about a dozen of us and they had enough to cover all the preorders plus about 3 extra, which was good for one woman there to buy one for her kids (I hope they appreciated it).  After I heard about the shortages over in Vancouver (I was in Victoria at the time) and the States, as well as stories about teens robbing people of their PS2 outside the malls.  All this over a video game system!

So, when I decided to get the PSP, I decided to pick one up launch day, no preorders.  Again, stories about line ups, rumours of shortages etc…  It was hard enough getting through the workday the day before a 4 day weekend, especially with the longs day I had that week.  When I was let go at 1430, I rushed to the store to find…lots of them.  I thought that it wouldn’t be a mad rush until after the kids got out of school.  Quite a few were coming in to look so I got ahead of the rush and got mine.  Around town, it seemed that many stores had them, especailly Wal-Mart, so the shortage speculators were wrong.  They seemed mostly sold out by the Monday, though…

More later.   I’ve said enough



Author: xcalibar25

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