My Life Thus Far

Hey all…one of you.  if any…
It has been quite a summer.  Not only have I just got back from a mission to Afghanistan, I also have done something that makes most men nervous;  I got engaged.  Yup, I decided that my girlfriend is the one I’d like to spend most of my life with.  Wish me luck.  No date set yet.. just a long engagement….
I got the updated firmware for my PSP, version 2.0.  It is pretty neat how you can now surf the web on a handheld.  Of course you need a wireless router or be at a WI-FI spot to access it.  As well you can get rid of the colour changing background with any jpeg on your PSP memory stick.  It is saved to the internal memory, so no matter what memory stick (or no stick), it is there.
Some pics from Afghanistan and the pic I used as my PSP background

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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