East Vs West

I would like to talk about something that was in the gaming magazines and sites earlier this summer.  Two Japanese companies that make adult videos are releasing UMDs for the PSP.  Sony is upset about this but they cannot do anything.  Sony is trying to make the UMD THE format for portable movies as well as games.  To deny anyone the right to release their product  as a UMD could cause the format to fail and go the way of Betamax or LaserDisc.  Besides Sony only has a say in the type of games that goes on the system, not movies.  So, in Japan at least, Porn has offically arrived for the PSP.
You might be wondering when and where one would view such materials on the PSP.  One company had two ads that had some ideas.  The first ad showed a Japanese man in a gimp suit at a office desk, obivous overwhelmed by the mounds of paperwork on the desk.  So he steals away to the bathroom with his PSP and (apparently) one of the company’s fine products.  He merges from the bathroom refreshed, ready to take on the rest of the day.  The other ad showed the same man, moping around the street after his girlfirend/wife/mother (I couldn’t really tell) yelled at him (I don’t know what was said, but she sounded angry.)  So the man finds a park bench, pulls out the PSP and watches one of the company’s  products.  Afterwards the man is noticably happier and skips off, healed by the power of porn.  If these ads are to be believed (and why wouldn’t you?), watching porn can get you through the tough times and being able to take it with you via the PSP can only make it better.  On it’s web site the company has a diagram showing places to view their UMDs on the PSP, ranging from the obvious (the bathroom), to the not-so-obvious (while skydiving) to the just plain wrong (while sitting by a fountain next to two women while kids are playing around you).
This goes to show you the differnece in attitude towards porn in Japan and in the West (mainly US and Canada).  Porn isn’t such a big deal to the Japanese.  Some children cartoons have nudity (not much, but they wouldn’t be able to get away with it  Stateside) and hentai videos are readly available.  Porn is available in vending machings at bus terminals and it is not unheard of to see people watching or readling porn while in public.  It is violence that usually gets banned (Such as GTA3).  In the West sex is bad, though you can see nudity and swearing in primetime on Canadian Networks and they show soft core porn/art films late at night (especailly on the french networks.)  In the States, showing breasts  is worse that showing police shootouts or executions on the news.
I don’t thing that the North American porn companies will release movies for the PSP anytime soon.  I don’t think companies like Vivid see UMDs as a profitable format to get in to.  But with a memory stick, USB cable, the Internet, a DVD drive and some of the programs I mentioned in earlier posts, you can put ANYTHING on your PSP.  Just be careful where you watch it.

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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