Smack!Dowm Vs Raw 2006 Review for PS2 and PSP

I am not really that big of a wrestling fan. Despite of owning every WWE-licenced wrestling game that came out for the PS2, I don’t pay attention to it. Sure it’s fun to watch sometimes, but it needs more of one thing: hot chicks beating the living HELL out of each other. That’s why I buy the games. I create female wrestlers (either originals or characters from various games/movies/comics or celebrities) and a few male ones and I play them. So the games I buy need to have a robust create-a-wrestler mode.
The Smackdown series, for the most part, has constantly improved the create a wreslter system with each iteration of the game. Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 (SvR2006 from now on) is no exception. The characters come out nicely and there are so many options to use to make your character unique. There are a vareity of hairstyles, clothing and accesories in the game. The only problen is, your female charaters must always wear a bra and it looks funny with some of the strapless outfits. As well, you cant write words on females’ shirt due to censor dot over the breast (to discourage people from making naked wrestler I guess) The same occurs around the crotch for both sexes.
With the movesets, not much has changed since last year. SvR2006 lets you either mix and match moves or copy other superstars moves sets (or even generic ones)again some have to be unlocked, but that is nothing a little hard work (or a gameshark..or BOTH) can’t fix. Victory moves are back, but are just genaeric ones depending on the type of match. You can now create an entrance, combining various parts of other entrances. It takes a bit to get the hang of, but it is definately an improvement.
As for the rest of the game, it follows up on last years SvsR, with location damage (Head, Torso, legs, arms) and limits the number of finishers you can have to 2. They added a stamina meter, to similate getting tired while fighting. This is a killer handicap for a starting character (You’ll tire a lot), but luckly it can be turned off at the Options menu. I would.
There is a create a belt option again, so you can create your own championship and compete with other for it, offline and on. The create a PPV doesn’t have the flashy beginnings selling the main event, and you cannot pick who faces off for title matches until you start to play it.
As for the rest, all the favourtie match types are here. Single, Tag , Triple Threat, Fatal Four Battle Royals, Hell in the Cell, TLC, etc, are all here. There is even a Fullfill your Fantasy where you can have the girls of the WWE spank, strip and pillow fight for the fans (and your) enjoyment. The only bad thing is that there once again limited the types of match female characters can compete in. No more Hell in the Cell, TLC, ladder matchs, Table matches 6 man tag or matches invovling five or more persons for the fairer sex. No all girl Elmination Chamber for you, sparky. At least now you can actually compete for the Womens’ Title
Depite that, this is still a great title and the PSP version just adds to the coolness. You can upload all of you CAWs and take them with you. Load times are long (and Battery comsuming) the more CAWs you use, but it is stilll a good port of the PS2 game. Check it out!

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