Got my posting message today.  Looks like I am heading to Victoria for a few years.  Be nice to have mountains on one side and an ocean on the other..even though I don’t ski or surf.  I just like them being there.  The wife thinks it’s okay, though I suspect she is a bit sad as she is starting to finally make friends with other army wives.
Oh, about the whole calling Chantale my "wife" is that now, according to the military, we are common law.  Now she gets all the benefits of a spouse of a serving member.  There will be a actual wedding eventually, but as long as she is covered with the military benefits, I am happy for now.

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

One thought on “Posted!”

  1. You know I will go wherever..I adapt easily.
    In some ways yes I am sad because I have finally made a friend out here but  they are leaving for Edmonton  next month.
    In other ways I am happy about moving since I already basically made a friend out in Victoria and I know a few other military wives want to meet me 🙂 So it\’s all goood! LOL

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