new music

I’ve come across a band that is starting to gain popularity out here.  They are called Lacuna Coil and they are from Italy.  They have a heavy metal sound to them and their lead singer Cristina Scabbia has the most powerful, haunting voice I have ever heard, even more so than Amy Lee (Evanescence)!  they’ve been around for a while (1999, I think) but are only just now gaining popularity this side of the Atlantic.  They have about 4 albums to their credit (I’ve seen two of then on sale in Canada) and their newest, KARMA CODE, is out now.  It is definatly my favourite new album this year.
The song on this page is "What I See" off of Lacuna Coil’s KARMA CODE.  I highly recommend you get it.
I must admit I really didn’t want to compare Cristina Scabbia to Amy Lee but there just isn’t anyone to compare these two to but each otehr.  I bet Cristina is probably sick of being compare to Amy, especailly since here group have been around longer, but just hadn’t broken through in North America.  A of now Cristina is my favorite of the two.  Lacuna Coil’s music  is edgier and the lead male vocalist, Andrea Ferro, holds his own next to Cristina.  They are a powerful combination, IMHO.  It will be interesting to compare this to Amy Lee and  the  new Evanescence album, espeically since Ben Moody left a few years back.

Stand in line for this

I saw the new X-Men movie, X-men Last Stand on Friday and it is a good movie.  What’s very good about it is the subtitle, The Last Stand is very appropriate as SEVERAL CHARACTERS DIE OR ARE DEPOWERED.  No one is safe in this one folks (though in one death, there is no body and, well, if you know the X-men comics, death doesn’t stick with mutants…).  It might startle long time fans but it is a must see.  Oh, and stay through the credits.  Trust me.