It’s Christmas Time, Ain’t It Silly

 The holidays are looming once again and the people are getting antsy.
It is not a full blown holiday madness, but with thirty-five days as of today to go, you can feel the mania build.  This past weekend, there was a mad rush for PS3 and Nintendo Wiis (is that proper grammar, or will "Wii" be like "deer" and "moose" and not have a separate plural form.  Discuss.), parents are rushing to find one (here’s a tip.  Don’t bother.)  That and the delux Elmos (though I think the Elmo craze is played out) will cause havoc in the store.  Then there is the Lego shortage.  Yup, that old stand-by boy’s toy (the girls being Barbie) expects a shortage due to  the relocation of their manufacturing plant to Mexico.
Well I am half way done my shoping.  I just have my parents and Chantale to get (and the dogs and the cat, but, that’s a last minute thing anyways)  But I just love the huslte and bustle.  I feed of the Chaos at Christmas, though I am no big fan of the madness in traffic.  Well, that’s what the bus is for!