PS3: Hells Yeah or Oh Noes?

Well I did it.  I was going to wait.  I mean, I was pretty good at denying myself the Xbox 360 until last September, but when I saw it was there and it was the one I wanted… well, I just had to buy the PS3.
Yeah the PS3.  The system that was so elusive for over a month and now I see them everywhere.  The Xbox 360 was hard to find in Kingston last year and I only saw the core version until Jan 06, but not so here in Victoria with the PS3.  I guess the stores must have gotten some in before Christmas (and held them back until Boxing Day).  I saw a 20 GB PS3 at Walmart on the 26th and they had a 20 GB one in the back at Future Shop but the guy fed me a line like they were holding on to it in case of an exchange (lost the sale, pal).  Then, on the 27, as Chantale and I went for a walk, we ended up at London Drugs, which has a electronic department.  Lo and behold, as I walk into that dark corner, there was a sign.  A sign that had a picture of people outside some store, obviously cold and in sleeping bags, with a caption that read "Why wait out in the cold?  We have PS3!"
Well, of course I was curious.  I asked the clerk if they had and of the 60 GB PS3.  The one with the memory card reader and buit in WI-Fi.  He said yes.  I agonized over it for about five minutes, rationalizing it to Chantale saying "Well I am eventually gonna get it.  Why not now?"  Luckly for me (or unluckily, depending on your point of view) the walk had taken all the energy out of Chantale and she said "Do whatever," so I got it.  I already dropped $800 on an HDTV, what’s another $659 pus tax?.  So needless to say, I’m not getting any games for a while.
That’s okay.  I got Call of Duty 3 for Christmas and Splinter Cell Double Agent for the 360 on Boxing Day.  I also got Untold Legends for PS3, because that was the one game Chantale wanted (see?  It is not just for me…).  And I have a lot to finish yet.  Hell, I got PS2 game that I have yet to complete.  Plus my PSP (which I got Killzone for), so my game fix is in good supply. 
How do they compare?  Well, I must say, I like the 360 better. None of the PS3 games wows me. Sure, give it a year and lets see some second year games come out to show the systems power.  The interface, though, while familar since it is the same as the PSP, is clunky and not as user friendly as the Xbox 360.  XBox Live market place is better organized (of course, having a year’s head start) than the Playstation Store, which has nicer graphics but takes longer to load.  And the download times are horrendous on the PS3.  Sure a 800 MB download would take long on the 360 as well, but at least you could play a game or watch a movie as it does it.  With the PS3, you are stuck waiting until it finishes.
Thoses are some on my initial thoughts on the PS3.  Mind you, I think it is a great system and the Blu-ray movies look sweet on my TV, but it does not do other things as well as the Xbox 360.  It IS a vdeo game system at heart, though and it will take a year for the jaw droppers to come out.  That will be the ultimate test of the system.  In a week I will organize my thoughts on it more and compare the two systems.
Have a Happy New Year!

Well, that’s Blew…the Power Out

I’ve been having a string of bad luck over the past two weekends.  First, last weekend, not only was I sick with a stomach flu, we had no hot water in our house from Saturday until Monday morning.  This weekend, it was a windstorm on Thursday that blew out power everywhere, including my neighbourhood. Well, half the houses had power by Friday afternoon, but the other half, including my place, were left in the dark until early Sunday morning.  Now having no power for a while is understandable to a point, but for almost 48 hours with no major damage around here and having the neighbour have their lights on ALL DAY as if taunting you, well, it gets frustrating.  My older brother’s family was in the same boat (hope they got power now) and had to bunk dowm at the parents for a few nights.  Chantale and I toughed it out (for the cat’s sake…) and to be honest, it could’ve ben colder and a lot worse.  Especailly since these PMQ are drafty and tend to act like an ice box whn there is no heat.  Well, off to scrape the ice of the Xbox 360…