Well, that’s Blew…the Power Out

I’ve been having a string of bad luck over the past two weekends.  First, last weekend, not only was I sick with a stomach flu, we had no hot water in our house from Saturday until Monday morning.  This weekend, it was a windstorm on Thursday that blew out power everywhere, including my neighbourhood. Well, half the houses had power by Friday afternoon, but the other half, including my place, were left in the dark until early Sunday morning.  Now having no power for a while is understandable to a point, but for almost 48 hours with no major damage around here and having the neighbour have their lights on ALL DAY as if taunting you, well, it gets frustrating.  My older brother’s family was in the same boat (hope they got power now) and had to bunk dowm at the parents for a few nights.  Chantale and I toughed it out (for the cat’s sake…) and to be honest, it could’ve ben colder and a lot worse.  Especailly since these PMQ are drafty and tend to act like an ice box whn there is no heat.  Well, off to scrape the ice of the Xbox 360…

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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