My 360 is toast!

Got a rather rude shock today.  I was napping after working the night shift and my GF came in and told me the 360 wasn’t working.  I came down to look and it was completely frozen.  I turned it off and back on and I got the one thing that no 360 owner wants to see:  The Red Ring of Death!  Similar to Microsoft’s famous Blue Screem of Death, it indicates that there is something seriously wrong with your 360.  I checked the troubleshooting tips and when that didn’t help I called Xbox tech support and they told me that it requires repair.  Luckliy, the 360 is still under warranty (thanks to Microsoft’s generous extension of the warranty last December) amnd I have to ship it off next week when the box arrives.  What a crappy day.
The worst part is that I won’t have the 360 for the update on the 7 May and I may not have it in time for the Halo 3 beta start up.  That and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance  add on pack finaly arrived Thursday and I was looking forward to playing as the villians.  I hope this can be resolved quickly and without any problems resulting out of it (like if they have to replace the system and all my downloads are unaccessable due th the serial numbers being different).  I got my PS3 to hold me over with Tony Hawk Project 8, but the 360 is definitely my favorite system…for now.