Rock Band Bandmates

During the hype and build-up towards the release of Rock Band 2, it was revealed that, through the revised web site, you would be able to create actual merchandise of your band.  That meant T-shirts, bumper stickers, mouse pads and figures.  Yes, figures, though they are more like statues, but of your created characters in your Rock Band band.  This seems like a great marketing tie-in;  those who want to show off their love for all things Rock Band can do so in style.

But, like all good things, there is a bit of a snag if you don’t live in the good old U.S. of A.  You cannot order most item in the Make a Merch section if you don’t live in the States.  So as a Canadian, I’m SOL if I wanted a "the Meeloo Experience" T-shirt, key chain or bumper sticker (the Meeloo Experience is the name of my band in the game.)  What I could get, though, was the Bandmates statue (if you are outside USA or Canada, you can’t get even this!)  So, with this in mind and totally ignoring the fact that I need to put less on my credit card, I ponied up the USD69.99 for a figure of my guitarist character, Helen.  That was on the 22nd of November.

Today, 3 Dec 08, I got my figure!  Not even 2 weeks and I got my custom made figure delivered to my door (with a $20.79 border fee attached).  The detail is incredible, right down to the Bad Religion symbol on her guitar and the "Meeloo X" symbol on her cami.  The texture is a bit rough, but considering that it was created from a 3D printer, this is just a observation, not a complaint.  The only real complaint I have is that the guitar symbol base that the figure is attached to is in turn attached to a large while plastic base, which is part of the display packaging.  As room on my shelves is minimum, it leave me not choice but to clear room for it.

Still, is a nice piece of video game related merchandise and a figure that is truly your own to design, through your in game Rock Band 2 characters.


Various 020

The packaging

Various 021

The figure of Helen


Various 022

Close-up.  Need a better camera


Various 024

Detail- Guitar w/ BR symbol and Meeloo X symbol on her shirt


Various 025



Various 026

Right Side


Various 027

Left Side

Catch Up part deux

Continuing my list of recent game I bought.

Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360)- Like GTA IV, but without all the pretentiousness.  SR2 follows up the events of the first game with your character waking up 5 years later.  The Saints are gone, new gangs have moved in and a corporation now owns the Row.  You begin your rise back up the underworld, taking on various jobs and missions.  The missions are fun and the side missions (called diversions) are inventive (like FUZZ in which you impersonate a cop for a Reality TV show) without being too heavy like GTAIV.  And no cousins calling every 15 minutes.

Little Big Planet(PS3)-  While it looks cute (and it is), LBP is a challenging game.  You go through different levels, unlocking new costumes, items and settings which you can use in your own created levels.  This is where this game shines.  The level creator is only limited by your imagination, patience and what you’ve have unlocked.  You can create rockets, car and creatures.  Then you can post it online and others can play it.

Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360)-  Gears 2 promises more action, shooting and using Chainsaw Bayonets ( guess the Geneva Convention does not apply).  Plays great, and your AI teammates can heal you.  To tell you the truth, though, I like played it for like two days then went back to Saint’s Row 2 and LBP.  Then I got this game

Fallout 3(PS3)  A post-apocalyptic RPG from the creators of Oblivion, your character was raised in Vault 101, a community in a nuclear fallout shelter.  Your dad has left the Vault and you have to do the same.  You traverse the nuclear ravaged Washington D.C. helping or hurts as you see fit and looking for you Dad.  The problem I have with the PS3 version is when the system tells you when someone logs in and out, the game freezes for a few seconds.  Annoying as hell.  And Bethesda has screwed over PS3 owners as there will be no DLC for this version.


Anyway, not much else has happened.  Took Chantale to a Function at my old Reserve unit.  We had a good time.  Bought tickets to the Canucks/Senators game in Vancouver in December.  Can’t wait for that.


Here as some Rock Band 2 pictures of my band, the Meeloo Experience.