Game Review: Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

The series that invented the Survival Horror game genre is back in the fifth instalment of the series, Resident Evil 5.  Like RE4, the slow mindless zombies are gone, replaced by Infected humans that can use weapons against you.  The setting this time is in Africa, where Chris Redfield and his partner, Sheva Alomar, investigate an outbreak of a new form of the Progenitor virus.  They uncover clues about a new company has picked up the pieces of Umbrella’s bio-weapon research, and the man behind it all is Chris’ nemesis, Albert Wesker.

The story is well played out.  You see glimpses of what Chris has ben up to since Code: Veronica.  His last encounter with Wesker ended tragically with the loss of his partner, Jill Valentine.  You see a flashback to that battle where Jill sacrificed herself and knocked herself and Wesker out the window.  Chris is haunted with this memory throughout the game.  As the game unfolds you find out the fates of Jill and Wesker and how it all ties into the events in Africa.

The game play hasn’t changed since Resident Evil 4. While the over-the-shoulder camera improves your field of view, the stop to shoot mechanic of the game is as frustrating now as it was wit the first game in 1997.  True, it adds a bit of strategy, but overall, it is frustrating and distracts you from the experience.  Replay is added with unlockables and upgradable weapons and the ability to replay the game as Sheva.

This game ties up most of the plots threads since the first RE game.  If you are a fan of this series, this will answer many questions.



Author: xcalibar25

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