Well, at least the Japadog was good…

I’m back from the game, well, I should slay the mauling of the Ottawa Senators by the Vancouver Canucks.  Now, I had little hope that the Sens would be able to beat them, but I did not foresee a 5-1 loss that was so painful to watch.  They took stupid penalties, gave up the puck a lot and only shot the puck at the goal 14 times the ENTIRE game..  I cringed as a guy would take it into the Canucks’s zone and try to pass to some slub that  wasn’t ready/paying attention.  I mean, when you are down 4-1, let alone 5-1, should you take as many chances as you can get.  The Offense was not there.  The Defence was horrible, leaving Leclaire at the Canuck’s mercy.  He did what he could but there were just too many give aways.

So, Ottawa has been my go-to team, but being from BC I like the Canucks.  I have a Western and an Eastern team.   The Canucks are doing good this year but the Sens haven’t returned from the Olympic break.  So, if the Ottawa Senators do not get their asses in gear and beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in their next match up.  I am putting my Ottawa jerseys/flag away for the season.  Unless they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, I am DONE with them for the year.  For now on, it’s the Canuck and ONLY the Canucks.

The Sens are giving me ulcers

Japanese Hot Dogs!!

For the past two years, I’ve been hearing about something called Japadogs being sold in Vancouver.   Japadogs (www.japadog,com) is a group of hot dog stands that sell hot dogs make the Japanese way.  thy are normal hot dogs, but with Japanese sauces and…seaweed.  They are very popular in Vancouver and there is always a line up to get one.


Japadog 004

See?  That’s at 1:30 PM on a Saturday!

Chantale and I wanted to try these things for a while now so, while we were in town for the hockey game, we found the nearest Japadog stand and stood in line.  We were lucky as it only took about 15 minutes to get one.  The line fill up quickly as we got our dogs.

Japadog 001

Shown: the Japadog pickup line.  Not shown:  the “kawaii” Japanese girl taking orders.

As I picked up my Japadog, the girl called out m order and as I took it, all the employees chant out “Thank you!”, as they do to all the customers. It’s a nice touch.

The one I got was the beef terimayo (teriyaki and mayonnaise?) with the seaweed added on top.  So, after a long drive from Victoria and a quick search of downtown, was it worth it?

Japadog 002


It’s definitely a good hot dog on it’s own merits.  The seaweed and sauces adds something different to the taste.  If you don’t mind the wait, it is worth it.

PS3 Phat-Gate: Worldwide problem affects early Adopters of the PS3

 On the 28 Feb 2010, owners of the older style PS3s (hence fore known as the “Phats”) found that their system wasn’t working right.  They could not sign in to the PSN, they could not access many of their downloaded themes and they couldn’t play any games.  The problem was first attributed to the Playstation Network (PSN) but as they day went on, it emerged that the PS3 owners with the newer, slimmer model ( hence force known as the “Slims) were not experiencing problems.  The problem only affected the Phats. Not much information came out on Sunday as emails and Twitters were sent to Sony regarding the problem.  Rumours swirled about it, from problems with the PSN to hackers.  Sony finally came up with a statement on 1 March on the Playstation Blog (http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/03/latest-info-on-playstation-network-status/), blaming the problem on a bug in the clock functionality in the system.  They have advised users affected by this to not to operate their PS3 until they come up with a fix from the problem, hopefully “within the next 24 hours.” My take:  This is a huge blow for Sony and an insult to the folks who bought the older, more expensive models during the consoles early years.  The fact that the problem affects gamers ability to play ANY game and affected consoles across the world isn’t winning Sony any popularity.  Hopefully Sony can solve the problem soon, especially with FFXIII and God Of War 3 coming out over the next two weeks. Now, I await with bated breath for my Phat to work normally again.