Japanese Hot Dogs!!

For the past two years, I’ve been hearing about something called Japadogs being sold in Vancouver.   Japadogs (www.japadog,com) is a group of hot dog stands that sell hot dogs make the Japanese way.  thy are normal hot dogs, but with Japanese sauces and…seaweed.  They are very popular in Vancouver and there is always a line up to get one.


Japadog 004

See?  That’s at 1:30 PM on a Saturday!

Chantale and I wanted to try these things for a while now so, while we were in town for the hockey game, we found the nearest Japadog stand and stood in line.  We were lucky as it only took about 15 minutes to get one.  The line fill up quickly as we got our dogs.

Japadog 001

Shown: the Japadog pickup line.  Not shown:  the “kawaii” Japanese girl taking orders.

As I picked up my Japadog, the girl called out m order and as I took it, all the employees chant out “Thank you!”, as they do to all the customers. It’s a nice touch.

The one I got was the beef terimayo (teriyaki and mayonnaise?) with the seaweed added on top.  So, after a long drive from Victoria and a quick search of downtown, was it worth it?

Japadog 002


It’s definitely a good hot dog on it’s own merits.  The seaweed and sauces adds something different to the taste.  If you don’t mind the wait, it is worth it.

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