10 Years… Of a Whole Lotta Nothing!

On this day, 7 April 2005, I did the first blog post on Xcalibar’s Space.  Back them, it was part of the Windows Live Spaces, which all got transferred to WordPress back in 2011.  I started this blog on a whim, just to write about what interested me.  I did my first review a few days later (on the PlayStation Portable/)  I tried to blog frequently, but life, as always, often makes you shift priorities.  So in the past ten years I have done 77 blog post.  77!  Not much of an output, that is for sure.

The past few years, I have tried to post more.  The PS Vita, with its screen shot capabilities, makes I easy to add photos from games without taking them from elsewhere.  I also find blogging fun.  Sometime it might be a while between games or I get too busy to blog, but I always come back.  Since the new year I have tried to do a post weekly, and even picked up new games to have something to review.  I got at least two new games to review for the next two posts (Criminal Girls and Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Blackheart) but I might not post again until May afterwards.  But this blog is still alive.

I will continue to post reviews of games, mostly PS VIta and PS4 (maybe even Xbox One, if I can get my hands on one) with the occasional book or movie review (and I plan on reviewing Avengers: Age of Ultron when it comes out.)  I will continue this as long as it is fun and I still find it fun.  It gives me an outlet to write (something that I wish I kept up)  and an excuse to buy and play games.

So I hope all ten (not all of you are bots, right?) of my followers have enjoyed the past few months.  Here’s to 10 years of blogging and lets hope I can break 100 posts before the end of the year…

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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