What a Year! Musing on 2015 and what’s to come


Well, as I write this there are only two days left in 2015.  It sure took a long time to get here.  Well, it took 363 days, but to me it seemed long.  The first four months dragged on the longest for me, being ‘out an about,’ but that was a good excuse to get back into blogging.

When you are away from home in an austere environment, it is easy to let it all get to you.  It is especially worse when you never really leave work, because you see the same people everywhere all day.  The best thing to do it to get into a routine.  My routine for those months was exercise, play video games and to blog about them.  I would pick a game that I was going to review, play it during the week, getting screenshots to use and write the blog Sunday evening.  I even bought new games online, sent them to my house and got my wife to send them to me.  I threw in a few books for variety and one personal post reflecting that I had this blog for 10 years. Sometimes I would think on what to post during the week as well.  This helped as a countdown until I go to return home, but it was more productive than marking the days on a calendar.  I even continued blogging after I returned, admittedly less often but I tried (and failed) for once a month,

So, this was a productive year for my blog.  In total, I posted 38 new posts this year, far surpassing the meager three I did in 2014.  Before this year, the most post per month I did was 15 in 2013, followed by 13 in 2006(!).  With the screenshot functions of the PS4 and PS Vita (and the Xbox One to a lesser extent) I can post pictures of the games I review which is awesome.  And I intend to keep this up in the new year.

Next year should offer a lot of things to review.  Movie-wise, we got Deadpool in February which looks to be fun.  March has the long-waited Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which looks promising, with the live-action team up of the iconic DC heroes., with Wonder Woman popping up to complete the Trinity.  Then we got Captain America: Civil War in May with Cap and Iron Man going head to head.  X-Men Apocalypse is looking good for June and we got a second DC movie in August, Suicide Squad, with Margot Robbie playing a crazy/hot Harley Quinn and Will Smith playing the “Freshest” Deadshot I have even seen.  With Doctor Strange and Gambit also coming out by years end.  2016 will be an interesting year for comic book movies.

Of course, there will be games.  Except for XCOM 2, there is not too much on my radar.  Street Fighter V looks to be a winner.  I’m sure there will be a few titles that will catch my eye as the year progresses, but I hope XSEED and NIS America port over some interesting games.  And I’m sure I’ll get the next Neptunia games(there even a Blanc-centric game, like Hyperdevotional Noire, coming out.)  And for the PS Vita, I have pre-order the Asia multi-language version (including English) of a certain volleyball/beach game similar featuring girls from a fighting game know for its advanced breast-jiggling simulation.

So 2016 should see this blog continue onto bigger, better things (if not bigger or better, there will certainly be something.)  To end 2015 on a high note this is the 100th post on this blog.  Thanks to anyone who bothers  to read this blog and my 15 followers (bots and all).  I would like to make a goal for next year:  at least 30 post by this time in 2016.  I’m sure I will come up with at least that many topics to post on.


Have a Happy New Year and see you all in 2016


James, aka Xcalibar

Author: xcalibar25

One man on a never-ending quest against mediocrity.

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