Subscription Box Review: Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty: The Resistance (Jan 2016)

With the launch of the Smuggler’s Bounty bi-monthly subscription last November (see review here), Funko’s Star Wars themed subscription got off to a good start. Each box promises to have a theme based on the movies and characters in the Star Wars universe. The initial box was based on the First Order, the evil faction in the then still unreleased Star Wars The Force Awakens. It was a good choice, helping to ramp up excitement for the new movies and showcasing characters who we knew little about, but still looked cool. You can’t go wrong with a shiny chrome storm trooper. January’s box focuses on the Resistance, the successor to the Rebel Alliance . How does this box compare to the other one? Let’s find out.


Smuggler’s Bounty Jan 16 Box

Like in the first box, the art on the box features a character from this month’s theme. We get BB-8, the little ball droid from the new movie featured on the box. Other than that, the box is the same as last time.


This month’s patch and pin

Opening the box, you see this boxes collector patch and pin. The patch is of BB-8 to match the box (like November’s box with Kylo Ren) and the pin features a Resistance pilot. There are nice enough and complement that last set well The flap features the same tag line as November’s box, “Behold Your First Share of Smuggler’s Bounty.” Now, since the this is the second share and the boxes are different, it is strange that they did not change that. It is minor since I will eventually recycle this box, but it would have been nice.


T-Shirt with Poe, Rey, Fin, Han , Chewie and BB-8

Opening that flap will reveal the rest of the goodies. The T-shirt features not one but six characters (counting BB-8), showcasing the heroes of the new movie. There is Poe Dameron, Finn, Rey, Han, Chewie and BB-8. The Millennium Falcon and a X-Wing are also featured. The T-Shirt designs are the same, but there are four colours.. I got a dark blue one; one You Tube blogger got a gray shirt.. But the art is cute, in the Funko style and is a great T-Shirt.


It would not be a Funko box without a Funko Pop! bobble head and we got a special one. The Pop! is of Chewbacca and he is flocked. It has a velvety feel to him and is really cute. The box has a sticker stating that Chewie is a Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive. I guess it means the flocked version. He is definitely going on display with my Phasma and Tie Pilot from the first box and my Rey Pop! Bobble head.

Chewbacca looks very cute in Pop! vinyl form.



Azrael likes characters that are as hairy as he is.



Lastly, this month we get a coffee mug. It is a Funko Pop! Home C-3PO head 12 oz. coffee mug. It has a large mouth and can fit a fair bit of coffee in it. It is yellow, not gold, but that’s okay, and it has a red handle, referencing the new movie. I had hear a few people got broken mugs so be careful. It is ceramic and will break if mishandled. I have had no issues with mine and use it for my weekend coffee.

C-3PO.  You might not recognize him with the red handle.
C-3PO. You might not recognize him with the red handle.

This month box is a good second outing for the Smuggler’s Bounty line. I will use all the items on the box (save the pin and patch, but like the Pop! itself, is more for displaying than wearing) and I feel I got my money’s worth. The new box will ship mid March and the theme will be The Cantina (Greedo features prominently on the box.) We will see if the line can still deliver an enjoyable box without there being a new movie to draw inspiration from. At least until Star Wars Rogue One in December.

See for subscription details. Deadline to subscribe in time for the Cantina box is 15 March 2016.


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