Subscription Box Review- DC Legion of Collectors- Superman- Mar 2017

Once again, Funko has shipped out the next box in its DC Legion of Collectors line.  After January’s DC Legacy, Funko has narrowed the scope down to one superhero; in fact arguably the first “superhero.”  This month’s box presents the Man of Steel, Superman.  Let’s get into it.


We see the standard box here, with a silhouette of Superman featured prominently on the box, with his S-Shield visible.  Not much to see here.


Inside the box, the inside has comic panels featuring Superman in various action poses.  I can’t really tell whose art this is.  I want to go with John Byrne for some of them, maybe Dan Jurgens as well.  The art gives me a post 1986 vibe to it, with the size of the S-shield.  I could be wrong, though.


Now to the actual content.  Here we see the standard pin and patch.  The patch has the classic “It’s a bird!  It’s a Plane!” line from the comics (can’t they tell?). and the pin has Superman and the Legion of Collectors logo.


Under the flap we have a comic.  It is a reprint of Superman issue 1 from 1939 (not to be confused with issue 1 from 1986, 2001, or 2016).  This issue itself was a reprint when it first came out, reprinting the first Superman story from Action Comics #1.  So it is a reprint of a reprinted story.  No other story from that issue was included, but you do get the Pop! cover, which is nice, I guess.


The shirt is next.  We get a light blue shirt featuring a Pop! Superman flying from the Daily Planet.  As always the shirts are super soft and is done well.  There is no variant with this month’s shirt.


Next is a Funko Pop! key chain.  This little Superman is in a flying pose.  I have seem the Pop! key chains around but I have never gotten one before.  It is now my default key chain for my car keys.



The next item is my favourite item in the box.  We get another 3 3/4 Funko DC action figure.  This one is of Superman as he first appeared in Action Comics #1.  The front of the card features the iconic art from that issue with Superman smashing a gangster’s car.  The back also features art, but not from this issue, but from one from the silver age that I assume would be featured on the website (seriously, he can be a dick sometimes!).  I like these figures, having two Suicide Squad figures from a box last year and two more from retail.  Funko, I want more.

Superman being a dick to Lois to “teach her a lesson.”



Finally we get to the Pop!  To no one’s surprise, the pos is of Superman in is classic outfit.  The body sculpt is all new, with a more dynamic pose than previous Superman Pop Vinyls.  He stands really well and looks awesome.  The way the cape is hanging off to the side is a nice touch.

So, considering the theme, there was no real surprise that everything in here was Superman.  Some have suggested it would be nice to get a Lois or a Jimmy Olson (Turtle Boy version!)  But maybe in a future Friends of Superman box?.  I love the action figures and having figure of Superman as he first appeared is awesome.  I am not disappointed in this box.  It promised Superman and it delivered.

That’s it for this time.  The next Legion of Collectors box will be shipping in early May 2017.  The next theme is Wonder Woman, based on her upcoming movie.  You can subscribe at in order to get your box.  The deadline is 1 May 17.  Subscribers can order any of the previous boxes, but supplies are limited.

10 Years… Of a Whole Lotta Nothing!

On this day, 7 April 2005, I did the first blog post on Xcalibar’s Space.  Back them, it was part of the Windows Live Spaces, which all got transferred to WordPress back in 2011.  I started this blog on a whim, just to write about what interested me.  I did my first review a few days later (on the PlayStation Portable/)  I tried to blog frequently, but life, as always, often makes you shift priorities.  So in the past ten years I have done 77 blog post.  77!  Not much of an output, that is for sure.

The past few years, I have tried to post more.  The PS Vita, with its screen shot capabilities, makes I easy to add photos from games without taking them from elsewhere.  I also find blogging fun.  Sometime it might be a while between games or I get too busy to blog, but I always come back.  Since the new year I have tried to do a post weekly, and even picked up new games to have something to review.  I got at least two new games to review for the next two posts (Criminal Girls and Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Blackheart) but I might not post again until May afterwards.  But this blog is still alive.

I will continue to post reviews of games, mostly PS VIta and PS4 (maybe even Xbox One, if I can get my hands on one) with the occasional book or movie review (and I plan on reviewing Avengers: Age of Ultron when it comes out.)  I will continue this as long as it is fun and I still find it fun.  It gives me an outlet to write (something that I wish I kept up)  and an excuse to buy and play games.

So I hope all ten (not all of you are bots, right?) of my followers have enjoyed the past few months.  Here’s to 10 years of blogging and lets hope I can break 100 posts before the end of the year…