Review: A.I. Shoujo (PC/Steam)

Steam gets another Illusion game! Live on a deserted island with up to four Waifus! But is it any good?

Note: This review is of a game that is meant for Adults Only. Although there will not be any adult images with this review, I will be talking about adult content. Those who would be offended or are under 18 should stop reading now. All characters in this game are considered 18 years old or older.

A.I. Shoujo is a “3D Life Simulator” and customizable romance/hentai game developed by the Japanese studio Illusion and available on Steam. It is a translated version of the original build of the game with the menus and interfaces translated into English. The game has Japanese voice acting with English subtitles for the conversations.

Create your Waifu then create your player.

The game start you off by having you create your protagonist, who can be male or female (or something in between) and a female companion. You start off on a deserted island, with no memory of how you got there. You are awoken by a girl (the one you created/chose) who is just a in the dark on how she got there. She relies on you heavily, having you craft a fishing rod, catch a fish, set up a cooking spot and cook dinner. Afterwards she gets sleepy and you turn in for the night.

Your first day together is on the beach. Behave yourself.

The next day you go out in the forest and explore the island. You find a ruined house and meet Shan, a treasure hunter. She reluctantly explains that the island holds a ruined city on it and she is looking for its secrets. She agree to work with you to explore the island, even helping to build a bridge over a chasm. As you explore further, you get to know the girl more, find stray cas and wild chickens, find the remains of an abandon city, and, most importantly, find a mysterious pod which contains yet another girl…

This is Shan, the explorer/item trader. Repeat business turns her on.

A.I. Shoujo plays like similar Illusion games. with the control scheme to navigate the island being similar to Koikatsu Party. There is somewhat of a narrative as you explore the island as there are certain story points you have to go to in order to progress. The way through is unlocked by improving your relationship with the girls. So, interacting with them, talking, cooking, exploring and even flirting can raise the points.

Talking to the girls and caring for them improves your relationship to them.

You will also have to scavenge on the island. Besides food (you don’t need to eat, but it helps to improve your relationship with the girls if you give them food), you can find scrap metal, oil, ropes and other items to help rebuild the island and progress through the game. You can even use the items to craft building material to build shelter for you and your girls.

Build a house with all the moderne amenities.

That is another unique feature to this game; the ability to build a house. As you craft the materials, they become unlocked in the build mode. You can craft beds, furniture appliances and bondage items (of course) to create your ideal set up. Or you can just go online and download one that someone else built (more on that later).

The Character creator is what one would expect for an Illusion game. It is more similar to what was in Honey Select (and Honey Select Unlimited) than Koikatsu Party. The characters are more realistic, not photo real by any means, but not as cartoony as Koikatsu. Pretty much everything is customizable, from height to bust size, body dimensions to hair color, just to name a few. You can even adjust the back hair side and bangs separately. Like other Illusion games, the female customization has more options than for the males, but you can create some unique characters. There is even an option to crate a futanari character, a girl packing little more in her panties. Whatever floats your boat.

There are al lot of options in the Creation mode

The girls don’t just sit round and do nothing. They act in accordance to which of the 6 personality types you assigned them: Robotic deadpan (emotionless), gentle, confident, narcissist, listless deadpan and cheerful optimist. When you interact with them, you can choose from Chat, Give Advice, Give Item, Give Medicine, Follow Me, or Let’s Have Sex. Through these interaction you can influence how they will react to you. The more they like you, the more they will take your advise or agree to sex. Get them horny enough and they will initiate sex. If there sociability stat is high enough, they will hang with the other girls (even with Shan) and might even have sex with each other.

Sometimes you will catch the girls fooling around with each other. That includes Shan.

Then, there is the sex. While the ability to have either a male or female PC, there is both regular (hetero) and lesbian sex. Regular sex has three types: Caress (think groping or fingering), Receive (girl pleasures you manually or orally) and Insert (vaginal and anal sex) If there is a piece of furniture that could be used (bondage rack, stockade or saw horse), there will be an option for that. Lesbian sex only has the Caress option, in which you can rub or scissor your partner. Just so you know, both player male on futa and player futa on female will act like regular sex. Player female on futa will act as lesbian sex. If the girls like each other enough, you can even initiate a threesome if you talk to a girl with another one following you, but there is only one position.

Sex works just like Koikatsu. Available positons depend on your location
Lesbian Sex give you only two options
Sometimes an option for a threesome comes up.

I should note that the sex scenes are unlocked if you download the A.I. Shoujo Ecstasy patch from the official Illusion website:

Lastly there is the ability to share or download character cards. The game uses .PNG files for its characters and its outfit sets, must like other Illusion games. You can also share the houses you build in the same manner. This makes it easy for people sites or message boards to share their creations. You can also do this in the Upload menu in the game. Much like the Steam version of Koikatsu Party, there is a server for sharing cards in the Western.

Character card for Becky

Unoffically, there are quite a few mods for this game and there are a few sites that offer HF (Have Fun) packs with the most updated versions of the mods or just a torrent with all the mod files. Personally, I used ManlyMarco’s HF patch, mostly because of the installer so I can choose not to include the machine translation (the official translation is much better.) The other option is using ScrewThisNoise’s mod pack, with is just drag an drop into your AI Shojou folder. Again it has the fan translation files so you will have to find them to not install them and turn your game into the Japanese one. I think that this one has a few mods and useful tools (like Studio Get, in which you can extract characters from Studio screenshots) so both are good to have.

There are three other pods on the island. Can you find them all?

The game, while the exploring a ruined island and building new structures is a nice hook, feels kind of hollow. Sure, you can have up to four girl running around and you can affect their behaviour by buying traits from Shan, they mostly wander around doing their own thing, except when they want you for food, company or sex. Even Shan, who the game uses to move ahead the narrative, is mostly two dimensional. All you can do with her is trade her items, though trade her 500 items and she becomes open for a sexual relationship. Besides the setting there isn’t much new for players of previous Illusion games.

Shan’s Customer Loyalty program is one of a kind.

The sex controls haven’t change much since the Sexy Beach days. The lack of more postions for lesbian sex, especially with the option of have a female playable character is both unfortunate and baffling as Honey Select and Koikatsu had more even without the option of playing as a female. Same goes for the threesomes. Illusion has yet to include male-on-male (or futa-on-male) in any of there games (you could romance male as a male in Artificial Academy 2, but there was no sex mini-game.) While not my thing, there is definitely those who would want it, judging from some message boards on modding sites.

Explore the Island to find more Story locations

Overall, A.I. Shoujo is a bit hard to recommend. The main reason I bought it is because I think these type of games are interesting (or science!) and I would love to see more Illusion games get a Western release. While Illusion offered the Ecstasy patch free of charge on it’s website, it is unfortunate that we most likely won’t see any updates that the Japanese version got (though I believe the HF patch might apply them. There is also DLC but they apparently don no work with the Steam version. Much like Koikatsu Party, the Steam version omits the Studio mode (again, the HF patch has you covered.). At $82CAD, the game is also a bit pricy. Buy it only if you are fans of Illusions games and want to support the company. The mod scene will help to improve the game.

A.I. Shoujo is available in the Adults Only section of Steam. You must be 18 years or older to purchase or play. The game cost $82 CAD. Links to the Official patch and HF patch can be found at the Steam Community page for this game.


This Review is for entertainment purposes only.  I have not received anything from Illusion, Valve, or any other corporation or entity for this review.  This game and any additional content was bought by me using my own funds.  All opinions are mine and any screenshot used were taken by me and are for Review purposes only.

Review: Koikatsu Party (PC Steam)

Note: This review is of a game that is meant for Adults Only. Although there will not be any adult images with this review, I will be talking about adult content. Those who would be offended or are under 18 should stop reading now. All characters in this game are considered 18 years old or older.

Koikatsu Party is a 3D customizable romance simulator developed but the Japanese studio Illusion and available on Steam. It is a translated version of Illusion’s game Koikatsu with all the menus translated into English. It is unrated, but is labelled as an “Adults Only’ game on Steam.

Customize your ideal “waifu” with various clothing and settings

What’s is Koikatsu party? Well Steam is calling it “the Ultimate Anime Character Maker.” With over 300 adjustable settings, including height, hair and breast size, you can create an anime character to your liking. While the male player character has only a few options for clothing, the female characters you create have various customizable outfits to choose from. From school uniforms and dresses to swimsuits and underwear, you can create a girl to your liking. With enough practice and patience, you could even create characters resembling ones from your favourite anime or cartoon.

Create your favourite character from comic books or anime. Or check online to see if someone already did it.

Don’t have the patience for that? The game even has a character card sharing service, where you can upload you creation or download someone else’s. The selection can vary and is only limited by the creator’s imagination. There are characters from anime and manga (Rin Tohsaka from the Fate series), American cartoons (the mom from Dexter’s Lab, seriously), comic books (Wonder Woman), and video games (Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.) If you can’t find then on the server, there are some card sharing sites online (Google it.) Some cards may require mods or add-ons (more on that later.)

The game is more than creating characters. In the Events menu, you’ll find the option “Have Sex.” You will be brought to a menu in which you can choose between Standard (Boy-girl sex), masturbation (female), or Lesbian. You will them choose the girl you want for all modes. You would choose just the girl for Masturbation and two girls for Lesbian. You can see what the girl’s personality and preferences are, such as if she likes anal or is okay with no condoms (which is chosen in creation mode.) You can choose her experience level (First Time, Amateur, Pro, or Lewd) and whether it is a risky day. This will determine her reactions in the Sex game. You then choose where you will have sex, with choices ranging from your room, to a classroom, school gym, Nurses’ Office, school entrances and grounds, and washrooms to name a few.

The menu for Have Sex mode

While you are just an observer for Masturbation and Lesbian modes, you do control the action in Standard. Starting from the upper left corner, you see a picture of the girl, with her sexual experience level displayed above and a emoji face below, depicting of it is a safe day (blue) or risky day (red). The bars on the side are the girls arousal level (pink) and the male arousal level (blue). If the girls bar fills up, she will orgasm; the male orgasm can be controlled once the bar is three-quarters full, but both will climax if the girl’s bar fills and the male bar is at least three-quarters full. Next, the Shirt icon lets you set the level of dress for the girl or change her outfit completely. Next is the move icon where you can adjust were the characters are in the scene. The one next to it move your character to a pre-determined pint in the room, such as a bed, desk, wall or the floor. This will have an effect on what sex positions will be available. The final two buttons lets you adjust the colours and the game options, respectively.

In Caress, use your hands, tongue and toys to bring her to orgasm.
The box in the lower right corner allows you to control the action.

On the right side are the sex options. First you have Caress, in which you use your hands, tongue or sex toys on the girl (indicated by the three boxes in the upper right corner) on various points on her body like her breasts, nipples, vagina, ass or asshole . You can choose what position the girl is in by pressing the Caress button; the position available are determined by where she is (i.e. bed, floor, etc.). Next is Receive, in which the girls pleasures you, using either her hands, mouth or chest. Again the actions available are determined by where you are. Lastly is Insert, in which you have sex with her. Both characters can climax in this mode. Some positions give you the option of vaginal or anal, you also get the option of telling the girls you are putting it in or just to go for it. The girls may chastise you for going too quickly (depending on her experience level) but it doesn’t affect the game. The box in the corner is where you control the sex. You either move the mouse, roll the mouse real or click fast, depending on the sex act. You can also choose whether to wear a condom (some girls will insist on one) and whether to cum inside or out. The gameplay can continue indefinitely until you exit the mode.

Elizabeth Bathory (from the Fate series) in Concert mode. She always wanted to be a pop idol, so it fits.

The other mode is the Concert mode, in which you can load up one of your girls and watch her sing a song…in Japanese. You can choose her outfit or use the default pop idol one and enough the one song. Over and over.

You might be thinking that, while the creation mode is great, the Have Sex mode is pretty nifty and the Concert mode is…kind of out of left field, there seems to be something missing. Well, you are right. Due to some decision by Valve, Illusion was not allowed to add the story mode from the game for the version sold on Steam. Some say it was because it was set in a high school, despite there being many adult movies featuring sex in high schools. Despite this, Illusion has you covered. On their website for Koikatsu Party ( you can download the Special Patch, which unlocks the full story mode, completely translated.

The story mode has you as a young man (one of the male characters you created) who finds himself living alone after his parents move overseas. Your aunt has agreed to keep an eye on you by having you go to the school where she is the principal. The only this is that it’s an all girls school. Your aunt believes the girls are at a disadvantage in life by not having boys to interact with. She wants you to go to the school and start a club, a romance or “Koikatsu” club in which you teach them how to interact with boys. This can range from just talking to holding hands, to kissing, dating and even sex!

You wander the school talking to girls and convincing them to join your club

Your teachers are incredibly on board with the principal’s plan. This includes the homeroom teacher, Nonoka Sakurai, a kind woman who doesn’t have much experience with boys herself; Math teacher Reina Hashimoto, who is interested in your performance in school and with the girls; and Rina Labelle, a foreign-born nurse (i.e. not Japanese) who is very interested in the health and well-being of the student body.

Reina, the Math teacher is on board with the Koikatsu program. She’s not normally dressed as a nun. I did that

For the gameplay, you populate the school with girls you have created and proceed to interact with them. You try to raise their favor, romance and lewdness levels by talking, listening and touching them. Once they like you enough you can ask them to join your club, go on a date, become your girlfriend or have sex. Once part of the Koikatsu Club, you can do club activities with the girls, such as talk, hold hands or just make out. All these activities gives you club points, which unlock more sex positions and toys and improves you rank. If you have move than six club members and your rank is A or higher, you can unlock more conversations with the teacher characters. This will eventually lead to them wanting to “check your progress,” in which you will have sex with them right where they are, be it in a classroom, by the pool or out in the front entrance.

Nonoka is a very hand-on teacher. You can really tell she cares.

Besides the teachers, there are 4 story characters to interact with. There is the helpful Ai, who concern for others often comes at the expense of her own needs; cheerleader Sakura, who drive for perfection masks her own insecurities; pop idol-in-training Mai, who sings about love but has not have a chance to experience it herself; and Konomi, a girl whose bold cosplay masks her shy nature. All four girls romance storylines unfold simultaneously but do not affect each other, nor do any of the romances with the other girls. Each storyline will cumulate in you having sex with the girl and their declaration of love to you. They are not available outside their particular storylines in the game.

Mai is following her dream to be a pop idol, but it is a lonely life.
Sakura is driven to be the best at cheerleading.

While the game is translated for an English audience, there is still the censorship like in the original Japanese version (the penis and vaginas are censored) and the dialog in the sex scenes are not translated, but the mod scene has got your back. There are various mod packs out there, but I would recommend the one from ManlyMarco’s Patreon (HF version 2.8) which will give you uncensored penises and vagina, translated subtitles for the sex scenes, plus other useful mods and cheats. It works for both the original Koikatsu and Koikatsu Party and will even translate the add-ons for the Japanese games.

With the After School DLC, other girls may want to join in when you have sex. (heart added for modesty)

Yes the Japanese add-ons work with the game. Currently there are two; a Personality pack with adds 4 new personality types with character cards, and the After School pack, which expands weekend dates, allowing you to choose where to go and adding a chance for sex. It also allows for FFM threesomes in both the main game and Have Sex modes. They can be purchased at the DMM site (the site auto translate oddly translates the game title into “A Carp Cutlet.”). Google it in you are interested.

This is not a game for everyone. Illusion has been making Eroge games like is for over a decade but none have had a Western release until recently. Back in 2009 there was some controversy when some company tried to resell the Illusion game, RapeLay on the British Amazon site, causing a bit of a moral panic. This caused many eroge publishers from Japan to ban foreign IPs from accessing their sites. Recently, though, Illusion has tried to bring some games to a foreign audience, with some being rejected by Steam before their change of face about Adult content. About a year and a half ago, Illusion partnered with Hentai site Fakku to release a English version of their “Brothel Simulator,” Honey Select, called Honey Select Unlimited. They later released an add-on to bring it closer to the full Japanese version, but there was still portions missing and some of the mods did not work on the Unlimited version. Koikatsu Party seems to have avoided this or at least the modding community is more accepting of it.

Koikatsu Party is not like Illusion’s Play series (the successors of RapeLay) as all sex depicted is consensual. It is more cartoony than Honey Select Unlimited and its story mode, while an optional, non-advertised component, gives it more depth. Sure the school setting might give one pause, but it is not like erotica set in school, in both mainstream and adult media is unheard of. The characters are not real anyways, and the fact that you can create who you interact with puts any impropriety on the player. Create who you want looking how you want, but remember they are over 18. The game even says so when you start the program.

Koikatsu Party is available in the Adults Only section of Steam. You must be 18 years or older to purchase or play. The game cost $70 CAD. Links to the Official patch and HF patch can be found at the Steam Community page for this game.

This Review is for entertainment purposes only.  I have not received anything from Illusion, Valve, or any other corporation or entity for this review.  This game and any additional content was bought by me using my own funds.  All opinions are mine and any screenshot used were taken by me and are for Review purposes only.