Review: Soul Sacrifce for PSVita


Soul Sacrifice is a third person action RPG set in a dark medieval fantasy world. You start the game off as a prisoner of an evil wizard named Magusar, who plans to sacrifice you to gain more power. Your only hope for escape comes in the form of a talking demonic book, named Librom. Librom promises that the power to escape and defeat Magusar is within his pages, which contains the journal of a nameless wizard. You read the entries and relive the wizards life, changing the book with the choices you make and gaining mastery of dark magic.

Your Guide, and Necromonicon wannabe, Librom
Your Guide, and Necromonicon wannabe, Librom

The games quest are divided into the wizard’s journal entries. The main quest follows the wizard’s career and rise to power. You battle monsters with magic items called offerings and destroy them. Once defeated you have a choice to either Save or Sacrifice. Saving restores some of your health and restores the monster to their original animal or human form. Sacrificing kills them and restores power to your offerings. You can also sacrifice any companions you have that have fallen in the battle for more power, both offline and online.

You can recruit characters that you encounter in side quests to help you. If they die, you can always sacrifice them!

You can also sacrifice parts of you body to unleash a powerful attack on your opponent at the cost to your stats. For example, sacrificing you skin unleashes a fire wall attack on surrounding enemies but permanently reduces you defense by half. Such sacrifices can be undone using Lacrima, which is gained by wiping “tears” from the large eye of Librom.

Side quests provide their own challenges
Side quests provide their own challenges

There are multiple side quests that open up as you complete the main quest. Side quest can unlock new abilities and new companions to help you on the main quest. They also help to flesh out the world of Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice is a brand new IP for the PS Vita, which the system needs more of. The game is challenging and will not be a easy one to beat. The repay value is high as you can customize your characters looks and abilities. It is not as unforgiving as Demon Souls, at least in the beginning, but if you want a challenge, it will not disappoint.