Back from the Dead

I’ve been very bad when it comes to blogging.  I just don’t do it enough.  Not like anyone actually read this regularly (or at all) but, once again, I’m back on the horse.

What I want to to is do a review of the latest handheld from Sony, the PS Vita.  Well, I have one and I and putting it though its paces.  In a few days. I’ll post a review of it and some of the games that has come out for it.  It is fitting that The PS Vita brings me back to blogging.  The PSP was the first thing I reviewed when I started this blog 7 years ago.

So, watch out for my review of the Vita.  I may through in a look at the 3DS for kicks later.  And them I’ll probably abandon this blog again as my life priorities come first.  I intend to stick around, though.