Subscription Box Review: Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty: Bounty Hunter Box (May 2016)

Funko has released the May 2016 edition of its Star Wars-themed Smuggler’s Bounty Subscription box. Their newest box celebrate the Bounty Hunters, some of the coolest-looking yet criminally underused characters in the Star Wars movies. Let take a look inside to see what we get this time!


This month’s box is what we have come to expect from the subscription.  This month, a FUNKO-ized Boba Fett is featured on the box.  Since he is the most recognizable bounty hunter in the Star Wars series, it is appropriate for him to feature on the box.  Who else would they put there?  Bossk?  The Star Wars logo is featured as well, without the “The Force Awakens” subtitle like the last few boxes.  That was a minor nitpick I had with the Cantina box, so it’s good to see that FUNKO is changing things up.


Under the lid we see our standard club pin and patch, reflecting this month’s theme.  The pin features the reptilian bounty hunter, Bossk, who has all but three seconds of screen time, but was fleshed out in the books and in the Clone Wars cartoon.  The patch is rightly everyone’s favorite clone son of Jango Fett, Boba Fett.  There is even the Mandalore symbol on the patch too.  I’d like to see a Mandalore themed box in the future, perhaps with some characters from the Clone Wars cartoon and Sabine Wren from Star Wars: Rebels.


The next thing is the T-Shirt.  This time we get some awesome art of various bounty hunters from the Star Wars universe, including Boba Fett (of course).  The art features descriptions of the gear and weapons of each of the featured characters.  It is good to see that the shirts will vary in art style from box to box.  While the ones featuring FUNKO-ized characters are good, some straight-up Star Wars T-shirts is nice to have.


Now for the main draw of this subscription box, the FUNKO Pops!  We get two of them this time and both are extra special.  We get the killer robot, IG-88 and, of course, Boba Fett!  I’m sure there would have been an outcry if one of the Pops weren’t old Boba here, but FUNKO delivered.


IG-88 is a brand-new Pop created for this subscription.  He (or “It”) had not had a Pop released up until now.  His unique  look will make the figure stand out amongst your other Pop vinyls as his head is much skinnier.  Still, the sculpt captures the look of the character perfectly.


Boba is unique too as his stand is built in to the sculpt.  He is in a launching pose, with the fire and exhaust from his jet pack serving as the stand for the figure.  This is a perfect pose for the character, as it shows how awesome the character could be, if only he wasn’t defeated so easily in Return of the Jedi.

This has been my favourite box so far in the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription.  The Bounty Hunters looked awesome to me as a kid and Boba Fett is my all-time favorite, if only for the fact he was a mail-in figure I got as a kid and the comics and books I’ve read and the games I played with him make him seem like a bad-ass.  There was not little item like a pen or lanyard this time around, but the overall awesomeness of this month’s offering made up for it.

Smuggler’s bounty will ship again in July with the Jabba’s Palace box.  You can subscribe to Smuggler’s Bounty at  You can also purchase the previous boxes like the one just reviewed, but supplies are limited.  The deadline to subscribe for July’s box is 15 July, 2016.  May the Force be with you!

Subscription Box Review- Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty


Subscription boxes have been very popular these past years.  Companies like Geek Fuel, Loot Crate and NerdBlox have been selling boxes full of pop culture items, collectables and t-shirts for a reasonable monthly price.  Quite often, these boxes feature items from Funko, a company known for it’s line of collectable vinyl figures.  Funko has its own line of boxes, one being a Marvel Comic subscriptions themed one and the other features Star Wars.

Called Smuggler’s Bounty, it is a bi-monthly (every two months) subscription box that promises to have a exclusive t-shirt, Funko pop vinyl and items unique to the line.  They promise that the subscription is 100% exclusive with “no fluff, no filler.”  Let’s take a look at the box to see if that is true

Open the lid!
Open the lid!

Like the Marvel Collector Corps box, you get a special patch and pin revolving around the month’s theme.  This Month’s box is The Force Awakens, though it mainly focuses on the First Order, the successor to the Empire.  So the patch is a Tie-Pilot from the First Order.  The pin is of Kylo Ren, the Sith-wannabe that seems to be the big bad of the new movie.  Both are pretty cool and are definitely unique to the sub.

First Order Tie FIghter pilot patch
First Order Tie FIghter pilot patch
Kylo Ren pin
Kylo Ren pin

Next is a unique T-Shirt featuring a character in the Funko style.  There are 4 different t-shirts that you can get.  There is Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma  a First Order Storm Trooper and a Snow Trooper.  This is the Storm Trooper:

Artillery Strom Trooper
First Order Storm Trooper


The next items in the box is a lanyard.  It has picture of various type of  the new Storm Troopers in the Funko style.  What more can you say about a lanyard?  Take a look.

This is it.
This is it.

Sure it is fine.  Sure it is unique.  It just seems like filler in a box that promised no filler.  I’m okay with it, though.

The dog's not impressed, though.
The dog’s not impressed, though.


The real feature of this sub are the Funko Pops.  You get two Pop Vinyl bobble heads in this month’s box.  The come in special packaging indicating the are Smuggler’s Bounty exclusives.

Oooh, shiny!

The Tie Pilot one have two different versions, one with the red stripes on the helmet, or one without.  How rare one or the other is, I do not know.  The difference is purely cosmetic with the box art reflecting the version you get.


Tie Pilot


The other figure is of Captain Phasma, the shiny storm trooper squad leader(?) played by Gwendoline Christie.  The figure is made of a shiny plastic to better resemble her in the movie.  There has been some bloggers that had a defective figure with parts falling off, but I had no issues.

Very shiny

The subscription box cast $25 US every two months.  I do think it is a good deal if you’re a Star Wars fan.  My excitement for the box was partially fueled by the upcoming movie.  Whether or not I will feel the same after December 18, only time will tell

Smuggler’s Bounty’s next box will ship end of January.  The next theme is The Resistance  and there are taking orders until 1r January 2016.  There are bi monthly subscription (pay for each box as they come out, cancel anytime) or a 12 Box commitment (pay now, get the box for the next two years!).  Check out for details.